We are pleased to announce that since the foundation of Henza Road and Construction Co., our company has reached significantly high standards among the prestigious and large contracting companies in our country, Iran. This has been achieved by continuous effort and consideration of global concerns such as quality, safety, and environmental sustainability. Today, our company is working on international projects thanks to the removal of barriers associated with sanctions. The company has achieved sustainable growth by fulfilling its projects successfully and has managed to take great steps towards attaining its goals.
These developments and capabilities are resulted from an ongoing optimization of policies and methods, which would not be accomplished without dedication of the company’s workforce. The formation of different working groups, application of knowledge and experience, skilled experts, advanced technology, and state-of-the-art equipment are the key factors contributing to our company’s success, by which several projects are being implemented across the country. In order to achieve success and overcome adversities, we have profoundly relied on our valued, well-experienced, creative, efficient, honest and responsible workforce who have brought the highest values to the company by their terrific collaboration.
Therefore, we feel responsible to support our colleagues by providing them with proper incentives such as job satisfaction, security, and promotion based on the meritocracy. Also, we have thrived to create a friendly and dynamic atmosphere in the workplace. Relying on efficient workforce, new technologies, and with consideration of the importance of research and development as one of the cornerstones of our company, we believe that we are able to construct high quality structures at low costs in a timely manner.
We, in Henza Road and Construction Co., constantly endeavor to construct structures possessing highest standards and operate as a leading company in our country, region, and the world.
Ashkan Nazemi