Who we are

On the basis of project management oriented system, by integrated leading of the head office (project management office), and by respecting internationally-recognized standards and principles (Project Management Body of Knowledge), in 2005, Henza Co. has been able to record a substantial efficiency on its repertoire in a growing trend and has become one of the leading contracting companies in the country. This has been obtained from valuable experiences gained through implementation of development projects including roads, buildings, landscaping, business centers and infrastructures. Our company is mainly recognized in the field of civil engineering and our motto is better quality in providing civil engineering services.
Henza Co. has worked in domestic and international fields by applying modern technology of construction and appropriate implementation methods, and the use of its highly efficient experts, machineries, and advanced equipment. Obtaining various international standards, awards and citations from the country's authorities as well as achieving the top ranks from the deputy of strategy and planning of the president is the proof of powerful framework and adherence to the commitments in the field of construction in the country. Since Henza Co. establishment, we have performed in a way to become one of the most active members in the engineering communities.
Henza Road and Construction Co. is committed to develop a sustainable relationship based on cooperation, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.  It is our constant effort to meet the changing needs of our customers and challenge the complex construction of structures which leads to achieve the highest quality in construction industry. Not only do our company’s activities include building and road construction, constructing oil, gas and petrochemical facilities and equipment, but also it strives to develop human societies and assist its partner companies to make their dreams come true. 
By interacting with employers in various formats of contracts such as EPCF, Boo, Bot, construction management contracts, turnkey contracts, project management services, as well as combined design and construction services, Henza Company has been able to finish major projects with national and international top quality.
The central office block is constructed in a 9 story building with an area of 1800 square meters and is located in Sa’adat Abad, Tehran. In addition to allocation of particular spaces for the management, board of directors, technical department, financial department, administrative and archives, the building also contains sufficient parking lots, dining hall and roof garden to provide calm and favorable condition for the employees who are the main pillars of the company, to reach the goals of company.